Question: How do I speak to my love?

How do you connect with loved ones?

Practice connection with courage by complimenting others more often. Tell people in your life that you love them and what they mean to you. Tell them what you appreciate about them and how much you miss them. If you express how you feel, you will most likely connect to the same feeling within their heart.

Is it possible to talk to someone who passed away?

Ability to talk to the “dead” is available to anyone. In fact, it might be impossible to avoid hearing from a loved one who is no longer in a body if you had an especially close connection with that person.

Can you feel when your death is near?

Visual changes are fairly common as you near death. You may notice that you cannot see well. You may hear sounds or see things that no one else experiences ( hallucinations ). Visual hallucinations are very common as death approaches.

Is talking to a dead loved one normal?

Its also normal to see, hear, and/or sense the presence of a deceased loved one as well. According to the Conversation, sensing someones presence even though they have died is totally normal. Oftentimes, this presence can be comforting. If thats something youve experienced, its OK, and its even a good thing.

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