Question: How do you know if its your twin flame or your soulmate?

The biggest distinction between a twin flame and any other type of soul mate is that twin flames are two halves of the same whole. A soul mate, on the other hand, can be thought of as someone cut from the same cloth as you. Theres a deep familiarity, and you feel very close, but you arent the same soul.

Do you meet your soulmate before your twin flame?

Your twinflame can be married to someone else right now with children. As I have understood, youre more likely to meet your soulmate than your twinflame. Its rare for people to meet their twinflame, and when they do, the description of meeting each other again for the “first time” in this life is OVERWHELMING.

What is a karmic cycle relationship?

A karmic relationship is a passionate relationship that is full of turbulence. Karmic relationships are related to karma in a sense because they are thought of as relationships that we need in our lives in order to grow. These relationships often start in a whirlwind, and can end just as quickly as they started.

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