Question: Is it possible to meet someone in Seattle WA?

Meetup groups are really popular in Seattle. With the city welcoming more and more newcomers every year, meet up groups have gained special popularity in Seattle. The meetup groups have become the ideal way to find companionship in this city. Head to and search for like-minded people and groups.

Is it easy to meet people in Seattle?

Ah, the “Seattle freeze.” Its a term used to describe the slightly standoffish and introverted culture of the Emerald City, where it is notoriously hard to meet friends and love interests. In fact, Seattle has been voted the worst city for dating in the country for two years in a row.

Is it hard to make friends in Seattle?

People say Seattle is an unfriendly city, but thats not quite true: Its actually a cold, gloomy, cliquish, cultish, and unfriendly city. As you will soon find out, its also not an easy place to make friends. And that was one of my more successful friend dates. I never had trouble meeting people before Seattle.

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