Question: How to deal with grief after a divorce?

How long does grief last after a divorce?

The emotional intensity of this period usually reaches a peak within the first six months of separation. However, the grieving process may take as long as two years. Although you are likely to experience all of the grieving stages at some point, they may not occur in the same order for each person.

What are the seven stages of grief divorce?

The seven stages of grief are shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance or hopefulness. As you can see, guilt and shock are the two added steps that arent listed in the five stages of grief that are most often recognized in conversations about grief or mourning.

Is it normal to grieve after a divorce?

You will grieve after a divorce — even if you dont think you will. Grief and mourning for the end of a relationship might look differently for everyone, but its completely normal.

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