Question: Who kissed Mayweather?

Logan Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Kissed Him at Press Event The video of their showdown made its rounds on Twitter Thursday. In the video, one spectator could be heard saying that the interaction between the fighters was “uncomfortable.” It lasted for about 30 seconds before they broke apart and posed for the cameras.

What happened Mayweather Ortiz?

Ortiz hit Mayweather in the face with an apparently intentional headbutt, busting open a cut on the inside and outside of Mayweathers mouth. Referee Joe Cortez immediately called timeout and penalised Ortiz a point for the foul. Ortiz, seemingly acknowledging his wrongdoing, hugged and kissed Mayweather in the corner.

Did Mayweather knock someone out?

Super featherweight. Mayweather won his first professional bout on October 11, 1996, when he knocked out fellow newcomer Roberto Apodaca in Round 2. From 1996 to early 1998, Mayweather won most of his fights by knockout or TKO.

Did Ortiz beat Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Beats Victor Ortiz: What Ortizs Loss Means for His Career. Last weekend Victor Ortiz lost to Floyd Mayweather in what will go down as one of the most controversial victories in boxing history. Floyd seemingly sucker-punched Ortiz when he was trying to apologize for a blatant headbutt.

Who did Logan Paul lose too?

KSI Paul, 26, is 0-1 in professional boxing, after going down to a split-decision defeat to fellow YouTube star KSI in Los Angeles in November 2019.

Who is better Mayweather or Ali?

Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali. Floyd Mayweather has named his top five boxers of all-time, ranking Muhammad Ali behind him as fifth on his list.

What was the longest bare knuckle fight in history?

6 hours and 15 minutes The record for the longest bare-knuckle fight is listed as 6 hours and 15 minutes for a match between James Kelly and Jonathan Smith, fought near Fiery Creek, Victoria, Australia, on December 3, 1855, when Smith gave in after 17 rounds.

Did Logan Paul really lose?

Westlake, Ohio, U.S. KSI vs. Logan Paul II was a boxing match between the British YouTuber KSI, and American YouTuber Logan Paul. The result was a split decision victory for KSI, with two judges scoring the bout 56–55 and 57–54 in favour of KSI, and a third judge scoring the fight 56–55 in favour of Logan Paul.

Who did Floyd cheap shot?

Victor Ortiz Floyd Mayweathers vicious cheap shot to claim the WBC welterweight world title against Victor Ortiz in 2011 is still clouded by controversy and viewed by many as a hollow victory.

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