Question: What are some interests for dating?

What are peoples interests and hobbies?

Examples of hobbies and interestsArtistic activities such as painting or graphic design.Community service.Cooking or baking.Examples of interests.Exercising and healthcare.Outdoor activities.Playing an instrument.Team or individual sports.More items •14 Jul 2021

How do you answer what are your hobbies on a date?

How to answer “What are your hobbies and interests?”Identify the extracurricular activity. Highlight your skills, qualities or values. Relate the hobby or interest directly to the company. Use an example to show skills, qualities or values in action.More items •23 Nov 2020

What are professional areas of interest?

13 Career fieldsArchitecture and engineering. Arts, culture and entertainment. Business, management and administration. Communications. Community and social services. Education. Science and technology. Installation, repair and maintenance.More items •9 Jun 2021

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