Question: Who is Dan Hatfield from Posh pawnbroker dating?

How old is Dan Hatfield pawnbroker?

Dan, 38, and his business London Road Jewellers, are fast becoming household names thanks to starring in hit ITV show Million Pound Pawn.

What happened to posh pawn James PA?

Fans of Channel 4s hit show Posh Pawn have been left dismayed after one of the stars of the programme Jo Lawlor, known by her friends and new fan base as the Queen of Banter, left the show. The TV personality decided to quit the show following an argument with owner of Prestige Pawn James Constantinou.

Has Posh Pawn been Cancelled?

As for James brush with the world of entertainment via Posh Pawn, it appears that after five years and seven series, the show has come to an end.

Who narrates Posh Pawn?

Isobel Jane Isy Suttie (/ˈɪziː ˈsʌtiː/; born 11 August 1978) is a British musical comedian, actress, and writer. She played Dobby in the British sitcom Peep Show, and in 2013 won the gold Sony Radio Academy Award for her radio show Pearl And Dave. She also provides narration on the UK television show, Posh Pawn.

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